<h1>Barter Software</h1><br> <br> <p>DoBarter.com offers world class, powerful and easy to use barter software for the barter industry. Barter companies can use our barter software to effectively run their barter business. Our patented barter software is inexpensive, feature rich and completely supported.</p><br> <br> <h3>Barter Software Company</h3><br> <br> <p>Any barter company that needs comprehensive barter software to run their barter business will benefit from DoBarter.com's powerful barter software.</p><br> <br> <h3>Barter Software Exchange</h3><br> <br> <p>Barter Exchanges can use DoBarter.com's barter software to enhance their operations and streamline procedures. There are hundreds of features that comprise the core of the barter software.</p><br> <br> <h3>Online Barter Software</h3><br> <br> <p>DoBarter.com's barter software is an online system that combines powerful transactional tools to enable ecommerce options. The barter software provides extensive reporting of the barter transactions.</p><br> <br> <h3>Barter System Software</h3><br> <br> <p>With DoBarter.com's world class barter system software, barter companies can provide extensive barter-based services throughout the world.</p>
DoBarter on Line Software, Trading made easy.
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Clearly DoBarter on Line is the Industries Software World Leader.

DoBarter On-Line has over 150 Trade Exchanges using our Barter Software as a Service with over 50,000 members and now over 2,000,000 Transactions!

  • Our system processes over $250,000,000 in Transactions per year.

  • Receives over 100,000 hits every day from members.

This is the Industries most active trade site of Independently Owned and Operated Exchanges!

DoBarter offers over 15 years of Software as a Service to our clients.

  • Would you like to offer more services and a value added networking for your members?

  • On-line FAQ help for both your staff and Members with additional resources available at  http://dobarterhelp.com


  • Do you or your staff need Professional Trade Broker Training?  DoBarter offers free software training for you and your brokers in a one on one environment. And access to 24/7 Video Training. 


  • DoBarter On Line now has 100% FULL Custom front end [non-members] web pages for those who want a different look and feel for their entry / introduction web pages. It's all about what you want for your on-line Trade Exchange.

The Barter Store has a Current Total of
 $8,506,320.64 in Items for Sale.
on-line Barter/Trade Exchange Software as a Service

DoBarter on Line Software, World Class, Powerful & Easy to use! Trade Exchange Companies  USE DoBarter on Line to operate your Trade Exchange on-line using our Patented Software  for as little as $25.00 per month, maximum monthly fee is $500.00 per Exchange Web Site Corporate structure is completely supported and feature rich Why pay more?

  • We Guarantee our rates will NEVER go up!!!Keep the rate you sign up with for as long as your account is active in the system.

  • We have the most complete & powerful feature set in the industry.

  • Click HERE to see 50 Reasons to use Our Software as a Service.

For over 15 years DoBarter on Line has continually done software development by the industries only full time programing staff. With Our Software as a Service you always have access to the programmers, and input on site development. This is key for your business growth. We utilize multiple data centers to house your website to ensure maximum reliability.
Use the best on-line barter software in the world. It's what we do, it's all we do.

Our software is fully automated. We want you to enjoy our product.

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Become Part of The Largest Growing Network of Independent Exchange Owners

with almost limitless things that can be bartered.

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DoBarter on Line Software is a member of the  International Barter Alliance, a   DoBarter on Line service. Your membership in DoBarter on Line Software offers you access to goods and services from ten's of thousands of members in exchanges worldwide.
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